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VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol or generally referred to as internet phone. VoIP technology can use a regular telephone equipment adapted to your home internet network. Others offer softphone services which allow them to use their computer directly as a telephone service. This technology has also an enhanced voice clarity, this is why most businesses or residences avail of this service. One of the benefits we need to consider for your subscription is its cost-saving potential. It offers much cheaper international and long distance calls. PC to PC phone calls anywhere in the world is for free. Second is phone portability, VoIP provides number mobility that can use the same number anywhere as long as you have IP connectivity. Third is it is easy to install, use and troubleshoot. The system offers a high advantage over regular traditional telephone as this is more on software. Other feature it may come are conference call, voicemail and caller ID. With its features, it makes your VoIP experience easy and practical both personally and for your business.


What we offer:

Free/Unlimited Support Tickets (support@technotronix.ca)

All features included by default/available to all accounts

Use your own device, soft phone, Asterisk, PBX or switch

Free calls between our members

Keep your number: TechnoTronix offers number portability

Free calls to Toll-Free numbers (Termination)

Caller ID, Voicemail, e411, e911 and Speed Dial

Add-on features: Digital Receptionist (IVR), Calling Queues, Ring Groups, Callback, Failover destination, Call Forwarding

Detailed CDR also available in xls, csv, sql and xml


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