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We offer reliable and fully integrated web and email hosting services. as well as focusing on catering exceptional levels of performance, reliability and affordability in the web hosting industry. we are persistent to keep the best possible quality of service for our customers. Plus a 24/7 client support. Our flexibility meets your hosting requirements from a single page website, to a full database-driven e-commerce site. We even have dedicated server solutions for high-traffic and custom applications. We can work with you to make the Internet a real and effective sales channel for your business. There are four basic items you should think about when selecting the right web hosting package:


[1] How large will your web site be? Estimate the number of pages your web site will have and their content. How many images, music files, video files or other content do you plan to add? The more pages and files, the more disk space you will require.

[2] How busy will your web site be? Estimate the number of customers who will visit your site on a busy day. The more people on your web site, the more data transfer you will require.

[3] How many email accounts will you need? You will probably want a separate email for each employee and a few addresses for things like sales@my-business.com or info@my-Business.com.

[4] How important will your web site be to your business? Is it so critical that without a web site your business will fold, or is it more of a competitive advantage that increases your visibility in the market? The more people who use the site and the more it affects their decisions and actions, the more important a web site is to your business.